Visioning and Planning Economic Development.

Discussion Points – Visioning and Planning Economic Development.

The Big Picture: What do we envision and aspire to?  Is it 25,000, 50,000 people,  200,000 population?

Culture: Create an environment which embraces failure. What is learned?  Gained?  Changed?
Celebrates ALL successes, small and large. Encourage people. Believe in people. All People.

People: How do we effect a change within people that makes them believe and act as if they really do matter and that they can make a difference? Do any of our actions or non-actions convey a message that stifles creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and new community and business initiatives?

Technology and Customer Service: Critical and vitally linked.

Financial Funding: Identify Risk takers. Players. Champions. Sources.

Focus: Create and Support an Entrepreneurial Environment – New Jobs – Businesses. Support existing businesses

Connectivity:  Connectivity matters in our rural communities.  The world is connected. Hi Speed Access.
Internet connectivity is as much an infrastructure issue as a road or water or sewer system is today – public-private partnership. CrossRoads of Transportation and Global Commerce.

Competition: Pick a place in the world.  We compete globally.

Leadership and Vision: Economic models may be viable.  Leadership – who are the leaders and champions that can effect change? “Fred” – Our Iceberg is Melting.  John Kotter. Are vision/strategic plan derived from an inclusive process of open dialogue and participation from the private sector and outside the box of organized economic development entities and organizations?

Assets: What are the key assets of our local and regional business communities? Community assets?

Now? Future? Linkages: Are local and regional governmental, civic and business organizations aligned by plan, vision and action?  If the “business” of economic development were run as a business, by business, would the state of economic development be different now and in the future?  Are those key successful entrepreneurial business people within our communities imbedded deeply in the economic development dialogue and actions, either directly or as facilitated by a leadership, which directs economic policy, planning, initiatives and accountability? Clear goals, performance measurements and outcomes. Traineed staff and volunteers handling various aspects of the business. Adequate funding support to accomplish the job.

What must we do to assist in shaping local and regional approaches to meeting the needs and skills of our work force and businesses, today and in the future?

To provide a visible and transparent leadership – this inspires community citizens, businesses and organizations to work our Vision and Mission. Dream. We will succeed. We will Succeed together!

To identify partners, educators and champions who will effect change.

To develop a “Brand” for our community. Who we are. What is our uniqueness.  What we have to offer.

To believe we are Entrepreneurial. To Inspire and support Entrepreneurialism. To educate and incubate technological innovation. See proposed Entrepreneurial Committee Mission and Vision Statements

Our Visioning, Strategic Planning, Branding needs to be sustainable and flexible in this fast paced and evolving Global Economy.

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