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Monmouth College takes initiative with local focus.


Economic Development Potential of the Midwest Examined

A symposium inaugurating the Midwest Studies program at Monmouth College examined how the Midwest could participate in a growing global economy and how the region can overcome the obstacles that has created diminishing entrepreneurial efforts. One of the featured speakers was Richard Longworth, who delivered the keynote address based on his book, “Caught In the Middle: America’s Heartland In The Age Of Globalism.” Longworth’s contention is that in order for the Midwest to participate in what has become a global economy, we have to “get rid of the old way of doing things.” Jack Schultz, founder of the industrial firm Agracel, Inc., and author of the book, “Boomtown USA: The Seven And A Half Keys Top Big Success In Small Towns,” says that an area like ours which has experienced high unemployment and the out-migration of college graduates has to create an environment that fosters growth among young entrepreneurs. Other participants included:

  • Colleen Callahan, Illinois State Director of Rural Development, USDA;
  • Lawrence Morrissey, mayor of Rockford;
  • Bill Ratzburg, of Deere and Company;
  • Jim McConnehay, president and CEO of the Heartland Partnership Economic Development Group.
“Difference between struggling
small towns & prospering ones”


March 20, 2008 We visit with author Jack Schultz to examine what makes the difference between struggling small towns and those that are prospering.
Jack Schultz gestures to audience members during a presentation Friday afternoon in Dahl Chapel and Auditorium at Monmouth College. Schultz said it takes only one or a handful of individuals to be the inspirational leader to build success in a community. “Are you that person?” Schultz asks. “Maybe it’s you … or you.”
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