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We are a diverse, caring and responsive people.

  • We place trust in God, in country and in the gifts and talents bestowed upon each of us to create a better business and community life for all.
  • Celebrate our successes. Be inclusive. Be Welcoming.
  • Be transparent. Appreciate all input. Yes, this is challenging.
  • Create positive opportunities for citizens, organizations, companies, institutions and the church community to meet, dialogue and plan activities and actions which are needed, both for community and economic development.
  • Initiate with a sense of urgency, an Economic Business Summit which sets a clear, publicly visible & action focused plan. Invite our business leaders, bankers, manufacturers, small businesses, city and county officials, education, etc.
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  1. 06/10/2009 at 10:01 am

    Thank “GOD” businesses that are not afraid to express “GOD” in their statement. Thank You! With GOD’s help and each other we can promote and grow our busineeses. I appreciate all your efforts. Please explain when your first event will be and what issues will be gon over.

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