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We are a diverse, caring and responsive people.

04/15/2009 1 comment
  • We place trust in God, in country and in the gifts and talents bestowed upon each of us to create a better business and community life for all.
  • Celebrate our successes. Be inclusive. Be Welcoming.
  • Be transparent. Appreciate all input. Yes, this is challenging.
  • Create positive opportunities for citizens, organizations, companies, institutions and the church community to meet, dialogue and plan activities and actions which are needed, both for community and economic development.
  • Initiate with a sense of urgency, an Economic Business Summit which sets a clear, publicly visible & action focused plan. Invite our business leaders, bankers, manufacturers, small businesses, city and county officials, education, etc.
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We are each connected.

04/15/2009 1 comment
  • We each have the ability to assist our communities grow and prosper.
  • Whatever your job status. Volunteer. Learn. Network.
  • Our connections stretch way beyond our town and county boundaries. Be an Ambassador of Goodwill. Buy local products and services. Support Main Street. Promote who we are wherever you go, in business and community.
  • Want to start a business, or know someone who does? Or expand here? Create entrepreneurial Events & $ Awards.
  • Nurture Young Professionals. Engage and Respect our Seniors.
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We are different people, organizations, companies and institutions.

04/15/2009 2 comments
  • Yet are of common vision, purpose and direction.
  • Broadly held Vision, strong Economic Strategies. People are the absolutely necessary ingredient to successful development.
  • Community & Economic Development. Embrace change.
  • Pro-active, Creative and Future-Oriented. Our willingness and ability to act on the challenges before us.
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Each of us makes a difference.

04/15/2009 3 comments
  • Take an active part in promoting Henry County, its events, activities and tourism opportunities.
  • Email friends, associates and businesses in other States – to consider Henry County to live, to start up a business or expand a business here.
  • Communicate by email, phone or letter your ideas on what makes our area grow and prosper. Contact Chamber.
  • Let us know your ideas. Concerns.
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